Mario Talvist

Organic livestock breeder

Mario Talvist is an entrepreneur and nature enthusiast who, as a pioneer, engages in the extensive restoration and maintenance of traditional landscapes. Over the course of 13 years of activity on Saaremaa and Muhumaa islands, he has restored over 770 hectares of meadows, coastal areas, and wooded pastures, predominantly grazed by cattle and sheep. 

He has successfully combined a keen business sense and adept communication skills with modern conservation practices, finding an effective and admirable approach to the management of traditional landscapes. Mario has gathered around him individuals who contribute to the implementation of initiatives related to the management of these landscapes. 

In addition to his work in landscape restoration, Mario is an organic farmer and livestock breeder, managing over 650 hectares of grasslands where feed for the animals is produced. 

Beyond his role in heritage landscape management, he is an active and influential advocate for environmentally friendly agricultural policies. Mario actively promotes an environmentally conscious mindset and lifestyle, participating in various working groups involved in the development of new laws and regulations.