Airi Külvet

Regenerative Grazier

Airi Külvet has been active in the field of grass-fed beef production for 20 years. She has degree in animal science from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, is farm manager at Puutsa talu and board member of the NGO Liivimaa Lihaveis, a grass-fed beef quality scheme.

As a farmer, she has introduced sustainable grazing methods, which provide living conditions and habitats for all naturally occurring species as well as produce high quality grass-fed cattle.

Airi is also active in sharing her knowledge with other farmers and does this through various projects led by cooperation partners Eesti Lihaveisekasvatajate Selts and the Organic Farming Platform.

Airi has gained national and international recognition for her excellence in farming, having won the WFF Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award in 2021, and the Estonian Farmer of the Year Award in 2023.