Dr kadri vunder Fontana

Group Head of Sustainability at Luminor Bank

Dr. Kadri Vunder Fontana is the Group Head of Sustainability at Luminor Bank. She is a visionary leader at the forefront of sustainable banking and corporate responsibility. Since 2020, she has been spearheading the development of sustainability capabilities at Luminor Bank AS and integrating climate and environmental risk into the bank’s strategic framework. Her efforts have garnered international recognition, with Sustainalytics rating Luminor as the top bank regionally and in its industry for managing sustainability risks. Committed to a cleaner, greener future, Luminor has set a bold target of achieving Net zero carbon emissions by 2050, cementing its status as a sustainability trailblazer. Notably, the bank became the first in the region to disclose its financed emissions and is a leader in sustainability data development. Luminor is committed to support its customers in the transition to low carbon and economy and to help its customers to lower their climate and environmental risk exposure. Sustainable agriculture is instrumental in achieving both of these goals.

With over two decades of experience in operational and strategic business management, Dr. Vunder Fontana has successfully led transformation programs in finance, chemistry, and biotechnology. She has also founded and nurtured start-up companies with a strong focus on sustainable value chains.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Dr. Fontana is a passionate advocate for a sustainable world driven by responsibility, kindness, and compassion. Her vision is to create a better future for generations to come, making her a true changemaker in the world of sustainability.