Jan Alm

orchard farmer and entrepreneur

Jan was born and raised on a small farm on the east side of mainland Åland, Finland. Together with his wife Anna, he runs Öfvergårds, a small apple farm on Åland. They grow high quality apples and refine them into award-winning apple juices. In 2022, one of their apple juices even won the Nordic gold medal.

Building on this quality production, Öfvergårds also hosts several agritourism activities. People are welcomed to the farm to take part in different activities, such as an Apple Safari and picnic in the apple orchard. They also run a CSA operation called, My Apple Tree, where you can adopt a tree and harvest your own apples from the orchard.

Starting out by working with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in the apple orchard, the focus has shifted to a more complete regenerative thinking. For those who don’t know: Åland is a small archipelago in the middle of the Baltic Sea which is a semi-autonomous region of Finland with official language being Swedish.