Kristian Bengst

CEO and Co-founder of Lykkan

Kristian Bengts is the CEO and co-founder of Lykkan, a Finnish startup that wants to promote regenerative agricultural practices and enhanced ecosystem services. Lykkan is building a model for farmers to generate carbon and nature credits that companies can purchase as a part of their climate and nature action. Together with a network of pilot farms and other collaboration partners, Lykkan is developing methods for monitoring, reporting and verification. In addition, Lykkan has launched a farmland leasing platform aiming for longer lease contracts and increased regenerative practices on leased land.   

Kristian has a master’s degree in agriculture from University of Helsinki. He has 15 years working experience within the food and agribusiness sector. From the family farm, Hemmanet, he has a lifelong practical experience of farming. On Hemmanet, Kristian has been adapting regenerative farming practices for many years and the farm also act as a testing site for Lykkans new ways of farming more sustainably.

His vision is to create a platform for farmers that gives the famers right tools to be highly productive in terms of both yield, use of inputs and a positive climate impact. Regenerative and sustainably farming must also be profitable for the farmer.